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On this page we commemorate our players who fell in the First War, or who were wounded or recognized for their gallantry. Every Remembrance Day, all our teams hold a two minutes silence before their games in respect to the sacrifice of our fallen players made in the First War.  

The following lists only a selection of those who fell.  Recent research suggest that over 80 men, who played for either Corinthian F.C., Casuals F.C. or both, lost their lives in the conflict.  More than any other club, amateur or professional. 

At the outbreak of war, the Corinthian team had just landed in Brazil on another tour.  On hearing the news, they jumped on the first ship heading to Europe and dodging German submarines and gunships, returned to England to take up arms. Most never played football again. 

Lieutenant Harold G. Bache

Considered by many to the the best player, amateur or professional, in England at the time. His death came as a great shock to many.
The Bache family suffered terribly
As the War drew on, the casualty lists became so grim, they were hidden in many publications, as this one shows.

 Lieutenant James Elliot Balfour-Melville


 Captain Herbert Luis Beardsley

No sooner had his promotion was celebrated, reports of his wounding followed.  

 Captain Philip Pipon Braithwaite


 Major Cuthbert Everard Brisley


 Lieutenant Reginald Henry Callender


 2nd Lieut Wilfred John Hutton Curwen


2nd Lieutenant Edward Hedley Cuthbertson


Captain Bertram Saxelbye Evers


Lieutenant Percy George Herbert Fender

Joined the RAF in 1916 and was invalided out of service in 1917.


Lieutenant John Hyland Fosdick

Fosdick was in Argentina when work broke out and rushed back to join up.  He was a member of the touring party on their way to Brazil.


Inspector Manliffe Francis Goodbody


 Lieutenant Colonel Alan R. Haig-Brown


 2nd Lieutenant Colin Donald McIver


 Lieutenant Leonard James Moon


Lieutenant John Gwrth Morgan-Owens


Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Maddox Morgan-Owen

Morgan Morgan-Owen survived the war and became the first ever Chairman of the amalgamated Corinthian-Casuals in 1939.

 Captain George Bertram Pollock-Hodsoll


Lieutenant Kenneth Cochrane Raikes

Some were mentioned in despatches for heroism. 


 Second Lieutenant Reginald Rogers


Captain Thomas Sowerby Rowlandson

'Tom' Rowlandson famously refused to accept that a true sportsman would ever intentionally foul another player, so would stand aside and allow penalty-takers an unhindered kick on goal.  He also was the first goalkeepers to wear a distinctive jersey....

The Battalion Adjutant wrote of him: "I have always thought him the finest type of Englishman I have ever known, and his death was just as fine as his life. He died where of all places I think he would have chosen if it had to be - on the parapet of a German trench at the head of his men. A Bosche bomb hit him on the shoulder, death must have been instantaneous. No words of mine can tell you what he was to us, and how the battalion will miss him."

Second Lieutenant Thomas Samuel Gent

Born in Thames Ditton and attended Shrewsbury House School   
Lieutenant  Henry Oswald Ashton


Captain Edward Hall Bartley


Edward fell 31st July 1917 in Flanders. News of his death was not reported in the newspapers

 Lieutenant James Henry Aloysius Ryan


 Captain John Charles Dodworth Tetley


 2nd Lieutenant William Udal Timmis

William went on 5 Corithian tours before the war, but none afterward.


 Second Lieutenant Frank Noel Tuff

Frank's brother Bertram, also played for Corinthian and Casuals


 Second Lieutenant Lancelot Andrews Vidal


 Major George Edward Wilkinson


 Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

Eric was the brother of Charles Wreford Brown who famously first coined the phrase 'Soccer'.


Second Lieutenant Alan Hawtin Tompson

Special Reserve attached to 4th Battalion, Grenadier Guards

Lloyds Roll of Honour TOMPSON.jpg
Surgeon Major Robert Macnamara Cowie

(courtesy Charterhouse School)

Born in Surbiton in 1872

Captain & Brigade-Major 

Egerton Lowndes Wright M. C.


In 1922 Memorial in the clubhouse, list 24 names, but in reality, over 80 players and ex-players fell in the First War.