Child-Friendly Football

Gone are the days when all youth football was played on a one-size-fits-all pitch, with the same goal posts, balls and rules used in adult football. Back in the day, you played to win, at all costs, lost by dozens to nil, the coach howled instructions from the touchline, the soul destroying, repetitive, season-long league matches and numerous other injustices are now, thankfully, a thing of the past!

These days grassroots football is focused on fun, development and player retention, and at Corinthian-Casuals we offer child-friendly football for all younger age groups.

The format makes the season fun and interesting and players experience a variety of footballing scenarios from round-Robin tournaments, to development matches, Champions League-like tournaments or rest and relaxation days.

Under 7's and 8's play 5v5 games, under 9's and 10's play 7v7 games, and under 11's and 12's play 9v9 games, all with pitches, balls and goals sized appropriately for the ages and rules designed to help players learn and with match lengths adapted to the age of the teams playing.

What to Expect!

A young player at Corinthians can expect to train one evening a week, where they will learn the fundamentals of the game whilst participating in fun-based drills that entertain as much as they inform. At each training session the player will be in the charge of an FA qualified coach and assistant, both with DBS (CRC) and Child Welfare certifications.

On Sundays mornings, a player participates in either a development game against another club from the surrounding area, (at King George's Field in Tolworth, our home ground), or participates in a Round-Robin Tournament at another club's ground, where they would play several short games against a variety of clubs, or in a Champions League-style tournament where teams are matched with other teams of a similar standard, or they may even have a rest day!

The formats are flexible and aimed at introducing football to a new generation through fun, variety and entertainment. This is not to say that winning isn't important! It is for many players, but at Corinthians, players are taught to win with humility and lose with grace; all part of our Corinthian Spirit ethos!

If you are interested, please contact us and you will be invited to come along and join in with a training session, meet the coaches and the players and you can take it from there!

Grassroots football has changed and the new formats will produce a new generation of players that play for fun and might even grow up and restore our National Team to it's former greatness? Well, we can dream...!

This is an example of how the age groups are structured and the variety of formats your child can expect to experience during aseason

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