On this page we commemorate our players who fell in the First War. Every Remembrance Day, all our teams hold a minutes silence before their games in respect to the sacrifice of our fallen players made in the First War.

In the clubhouse is a wooden mantel listing the names of 22 players who fell in that War, but recent research has identified over 100 men, who played for either Corinthian F.C., Casuals F.C., or who played for both teams, who lost their lives in the conflict. More than any other association football club, amateur or professional.

In 1914, the Corinthian team were on their way to South America for another tour and the news of war against Germany reached them. The team scrambled to find any ship that would bring them home to England to take up arms and do their duty for King and Country. Dodging German submarines and gunships, they all managed to make it home safely. Of the 15 players on the tour, three fell in the War, several became invalids, and only a few played football again. One player, Gilbert Edward Graham Cockburn survived the War, fighting in every major battle, only to die in the following war at Dunkirk.

Armistice Day 2020

On this day we remember all the Fallen. All those who gave their lives for their Country in all conflicts. We remember the 108 Corinthian and Casuals players and former players who fell in the First War, and the uncounted players who fell in the Second War. Players like William Thomas “Tommy” Whewell. Tommy was not a military man but a civilian. On October 2nd, 1940. he and his wife were killed in a direct hit during a bombing raid on their house in Hampstead. He was 36 years old.

Tommy had won his Blue at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and had played for England 10 times, captain once, in games in Switzerland, Germany and Holland. At one time, Tommy was registered as an amateur for Blackburn Rovers. He also played cricket for Cambridgeshire.

Tommy played 74 times for Casuals and 259 times for Corinthian and once for the newly-formed Corinthian-Casuals. Had he not been killed, his appearances for CCFC would have probably increased.

For all who fell, and all our players that fell, we shall remember......

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.